Day of Defeat Source Hacks

The best Day of Defeat Source Hacks for 2014

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Day of Defeat Source Hacks

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They spend hours sitting in front of the TV or the computer playing video games and without anyone who tells you that you are wasting your time.

It is the professional gamers, those who started their careers of these elements and who afford to pay your bills, and even become millionaires.

That is the lucrative world that open video games, where his fans already not only dream of being recruited by the companies that programmed them to test beta versions, but hope to become real athletes.

An example of that is Robert Lee, a young American, who left the University after completing his first year to dedicate himself completely to play.

“I thought about it and I realized that the University always will be there, but the opportunity to make money with video games would not be present for a long time”, said the site Mashable.

Three years after this decision reads, better known as “RobertXLee” joined a professional team and earn a salary that allows you to pay your rent, clothes, food and luxuries.

Although this trend is already massive in Asia, already progresses in Europe and United States, where the players are greeted as true stars. What are you waiting for to get your hands on this Day of Defeat Source Hacks ?

He is not the only one. Professional players are like high performance athletes beginning to demonstrate their skills in small amateur competitions to advance to more massive tournaments and be recruited for the major leagues, where thousands of dollars can be won in prizes.

For example, in total the ten best paid players won 8, 18 million dollars only in competitions.

Many of those who want to make video games in his career leverage platforms such as YouTube and social networks to promote their skills and having followers who make its recognizable name.

Competencies, meanwhile, attracted more and more participants and public.

League of Legends tournament was followed live by 32 million people, in addition to the 18,000 who filled the Staple Center in Los Angeles, who sold the tickets to the event in just two hours, says Mashable.

This is how brands which are used to sponsor sporting events, such as Coca-Cola and American Express, now are set in the development of these activities to invest millions in advertising.

Even ESPN has begun negotiations to obtain more rights and transmit these events. Something similar to what it does with the world series of Poker.

In the video game scene men are especially prevalent from South-East Asia, Europe and central United States, as well as adolescents. In fact, many of the stars begin at age 14 to take advantage of the freshness of their reflexes.

An example of this is Carlos Rodríguez Santiago, a Spanish gamer who started his career at age 13 under the name of “Ocelot” and today is able to hold 30,000 fans connected whenever you turn on your webcam to show how play.

Its way passed by shooting games such as Counter Strike and Day of Defeat, to Excel in World of Warcraft and participate at the end of Blizzcon 2009, in Los Angeles.

In 2010 she met League of Legends in its beta version and specialized in the participating in a Spanish team until he was drafted by the Germans SK Gaming, where he remained for three years. He then started his own project “Ocelot World”, says

Ocelot is one of the best professional players paid with about 950 thousand dollars a year (more than 500 million pesos) thanks to awards, his salary within the team, sponsors and events attended as a guest.

Gradually Chile joins the world of video games with instances such as the Festigame, which takes place from 2014 in the Estación Mapocho and event which each year brings together thousands of people around the entertainment.